THE PROJECTprofile was and is a great project we enjoyed a lot of creative freedom with and had a client who fully trusted us to do what we do best! Well I think you can see that the results speak for themselves, is a one-stop-shop for all your online vouchers/ gift cards for digital media. Such as Itunes, Google Play, XBOX and so on. The real challenge for us here was making a site that would be secure and capable of delivering unique online serial codes - We nailed it!

“After emailing back and forth with some of the best web developers in South Africa, the one that stood out for me, and which would eventually be the one I chose to take on my project, was Originate Media. Functionality and visual appeal what was i needed for my E-commerce website - an online gaming gift card store. Mix that together with great communication and the end result was a very pleasant experience and the final product even better than i had imagined. From special features to designing a logo for my business, it was all taken care of.

I would definitely recommend Brett and Originate Media to anyone looking to develop a website of any kind!”



At Originate Media, we are not looking for
followers – we are looking for fellow believers.
People, who believe that you can live in a better
world, make better products and services and
have a better life.

We believe that living a life of freedom is your
birthright and that if you are not doing what
ignites your passion you are in some kind of
prison. In everything we do we strive for better,
better than it was done before keeps us
motivated, keeps us learning, discovering and
most of all keeps us free.

One of the ways we demonstrate this belief is
through the way we build lasting meaningful
relationships with our clients, we want to share
in their passion, we want to see them succeed
and most of all we want to keep our promise to
them – that when they contracted us to make
their vision a reality – we brought the best of
our knowledge, resources and mindfulness to
realise this dream.



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